Jessica K. Lynn Hatfield, MS, OTR/L, CKTP
Musician and Occupational Therapist

Clarinet Resources

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Tips for Squidward Quincy Tentacles from Chris Jones

International Clarinet Association 



Clarinet Embouchure - Chris Jones 
The Embouchure - David Etheridge 
Embouchure - Joel Levy (Early Clarinet Tips) 
Chin Exercises - Michele Gingras 
Relaxed Jaw Exercises - Michele Gingras
The Mirror - Chris Jones

Warm Ups

Raphael Sanders

Registers of the Clarinet

Register Changes - David Etheridge
Crossing the Break - Chris Jones


Reed Adjustments - Chris Jones
Reed Balancing Michele Gingras
Cleaning Reeds  - Michele Gingras
Breaking in ReedsMark Nuccio
Marking Reeds Michele Gingras
Protecting Reeds - Michele Gingras
Rotating Reeds Michele Gingras
Reed Tips Dan St. Marseille


Clarinet Articulation - Chris Jones
Fast Tonguing David Etheridge
Tonguing Clearly - David Etheridge
Staccato Tonguing David Etheridge
Tonguing - Joel Levy
The Art of Slurring - Daniel Bonade


Clarinet Quartet - Chris Jones



Free Music

Solo Clarinet - The Clarinet Institute
Clarinet and Piano - The Clarinet Institute 
Clarinet Duets - The Clarinet Institute 
Clarinet Quartets - The Clarinet Institute 
Clarinet Quartets - Chris Jones
Clarinet Music - Oliver Seeley


Air - Chris Jones
PostureJoel Levy
Circular Breathing - Michael Norsworthy 
Breathing LessonsMichael Norsworthy


Fingers to Modify IntonationMichele Gingras
Eliminating Undertones David Etheridge
Voicing - David Etheridge
Playing in Tune - Daniel Bonade,


Being PreciseIvan Stolbov
Keeping Fingers Curved - David Etheridge
Natural Finger MotionMichele Gingras
Half Hole - Michele Gingras
Left Index Finger ExerciseMichele Gingras
Little Finger Exercises Michele Gingras
Stabilizing C3 Fingering Michele Gingras

Hand Position

Left Hand Position Chris Jones
Left Hand PositionDavid Etheridge
Right Hand Position - Chris Jones
Right Hand Position - David Etheridge


Scales - Chris Jones

The Instrument 

How it's Made - The Buffet Factory

Extended Techniques 

Multiphonics -  Michael Norsworthy
Quarter Tones Michael Norsworthy
Vibrato in Wind Playing - Simeon Bellison


Doubling on Flute - Joel Levy  
Being an Effective Doubler - Raphael Sanders

Bass Clarinet

Articulation - Lawrie Bloom 
Finding Your Sound - Lawrie Bloom
Scales and Beyond - Lawrie Bloom
Bass Clarinet Assembly: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - Lawrie Bloom
How to Play bass Clarinet: Part 1, Part 2 - Lawrie Bloom