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Smart Fish: Frequent Flyer "Smart, fun and absolutely the best way to prepare a child for flying... This masterpiece gets it right across the board... I wish all developers designed apps this smart and clever."         

                                                   Smart Apps For Kids

General Apps

Stretch Break for Kids 
This app will remind users to take periodic stretch breaks while using the computer. Includes animated tutorials of how to properly perform the stretches. 

Sight Words 
Help children learn to read with a list of 315 words categorized by appropriate age groups. Instantly recognizing sight words is an important skill for young readers. 
iPhone - Free                                              Android - Free 

Color ID 
Color Identifier uses the camera on your phone to speak the names of colors. 
 iPhone - Free                                              Android - Free 

First Aid by American Red Cross 
Be prepared for accidents with this app that has expert advice for everyday emergencies. 

 Turn everyday phrases and names into a song. Have children sing along to words or phrases while talking and practicing words. 
 iPhone - Free                                           Android - Free 

Blow bubbles by dragging your finger and then tap to pop them. 
                                                                     Android - Free 

The Amazing Spider-Man 
This augmented reality app allows children to discover Spider-Man in the world around them with interactive animations. 

FSS Online 
An assessment and curriculum app that helps users with independent living skills such as transportation, safety, health, literacy, and more. 

 \Helps you remember everything across all of the devices you use. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and record voice reminders. 

Relax Melodies 
Personalized relaxation and sleep assistance app has more than 40 high quality sounds to provide white noise or background noise to assist with falling asleep. 

Get a metronome on your device. 

Allows students to keep track of their homework, classes, projects, and tests. 

Make your own cartoons and stories through imaginative play with this app that allows kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons.

Star Walk & Google Sky Map 
Turn your smart phone or tablet into a window on the night sky. Find out constellations and satellites by pointing your phone at stars. 

Ease App 
Uses random bursts of sound to stimulate, challenge, and promote sensory processing. Contains 60 minutes of optimized music. 

Math Magic 
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with visual supports, solution choices, reinforcers, and rewards (star system). 

Easy Kid Timer 
Visual timer to help kids visualize the passage of time. Customize the timer with your own pictures and description of tasks. 

iDress for Weather 
Provides images of clothing and weather conditions daily. Clearly displays the daily temperature (daily highs and lows). Ability to customize the closet using personalized images or photos. 

Time Timers 
 Little clocks demonstrate the passage of time in three different sizes. Have an optional audio signal at completion. 

Shelby's Quest 
Children can learn fine motor and visual perceptual skills using this app developed by an occupational therapist. Follow Shelby the dog on her quest through the Pacific Northwest. 

Math Board 
 Use this app to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Customizable options make this app fun for elementary school children. 

Note taking application and to-do manager. 

SymTrend ADL 
Quickly record information about ADLs and track a child's progress. Once the ADL is mastered, move on to the next.  

Brain Works 
This app will remind parents and teachers to take sensory breaks with their children and has more than 130 sensory activities. 

Create personalized social stories using photos, texts, and audio messages. 

An electronic diary that allows you to track symptoms, discover what is triggering problems, and determine whether treatments are working for depression, cancer, women's health, chronic pain, ADHD, or autism. 

Behavior Apps

High Score House Kids 
An online game that helps parents and practitioners motivate children to complete tasks or other behaviors to reach real-life rewards. 

Behavior Status 
Record the daily behavior of your child or an entire classroom. Easily record behavior using a simple green, yellow, and red stoplight. 

Teachers Class Behavior 
Record behaviors with a list of multiple children. Tap to record default behaviors or edit and add your own. Can be used to multiple classes. Review behaviors in a daily log. 
                                                                Android - Free 

ABC Data 
Data collection tool for counting behavior by simple tallies or percentages, recording the session duration, and e-mailing the data. 

 Behavioral management reward system. Allows you to post a picture of a reward and give stars for behaviors that will win the reward. 

No More Meltdowns 
This app provides the tools to help parents prepare their child for meltdowns and deal with out-of-control behavior. iPhone - $10.99

The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy

OJOT is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal with a mission to publish high quality articles that focus on applied research, practice, and education in the occupational therapy profession. Specifically, the categories of articles published in OJOT include Applied Research, Guidelines for Practice and Technological Guidelines, Opinions in the Profession, Topics in Education, and Letters to the Editor. See About this Journal for more information.

Accessibility Apps

Brighter and Bigger 

People with low vision can use this app to turn their device into a magnification device that will make reading material bigger, brighter, and higher contrast. 

iPhone - Free 

AAC Talking Tabs 

This app allows people with severe disabilities, limited movement, and challenged dexterity to communicate through their phone or tablet. 

                                                                    Android - Free 

Say Hi! 

AAC This app allows people with severe disabilities, limited movement, and challenged dexterity to communicate through their phone or tablet without ever touching the screen. 

iPhone - Free


Turn your phone into a magnifying glass with a flashlight. Read tiny print, show a negative image, and take a picture. 

                                                             Android - $1.99 

My Choice Board 

Provides a visual display of choices for children with limited communication skills to be able to express their own needs and wants. 

iPhone - $9.99 

Quick Talk AAC 

 Giving a voice to those who can't speak, this app has a library of 11,000 images and symbols that represent many needs and wants. A simple two button design allows for easy selection of phrases. 

                                                            Android - $14.99 


Help children complete daily routines and understand and control their feelings with three boards (schedule, waiting, and feeling). The app helps make task completion easier, teaches waiting skills, and helps children cope with being upset. 

 iPhone - $14.99 


The app combines the functionality of a notepad with word prediction, a customizable keyboard, and text-to-speech tools. Advanced-level writing tools for children with special needs. 

iPhone - $19.99 

Functional Planning System 

 Plan out your client's day with this video prompting tool. Schedule activities, create step-by-step videos, and create alarms to remind clients of tasks. 

iPhone - $19.99 

Functional Communication System 

Customize this video-based communication tool with real images, audio, and video to reflect your client's world. 

iPhone - $49.99